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    "BaiLong (blum)", Germany "Heidi poetry (Hettich)", belong to the European famous brand, its excellent quality, the price is expensive, appear on the market at present is the highest level of the hinge of gourmet.Hinge not only connect cabinet put oneself in another's position and door plank accurately,

    is actually a genuine fake and inferior products, please when the choose and buy ambry, pay special attention to the hinge of the audit, you don't believe that "made in Italy" cheat, you must identify what brand is Italy?Have any confirmation?About 95% of the hinge with use poorer quality of ambry company is main jumping-off place is to reduce ambry production costs, reduce the ambry of sales price, as the main means of competition .

    Distinguish between cabinet would be easier.Inferior ambry is not going to use a few dollars a cabinet fittings, generally the use of a few cents a self-tapping screw connection, so just look at what it means when picking cabinet cabinet put oneself in another's position of connection.Functional hardware slippery course, pull basket now physically functional hardware like structure of the hardware is not pose ambry essential components, but their presence can make ambry use more convenient, mainly includes: pull basket, slides,
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