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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation How to buy wooden floor without formaldehyde .

    Wooden floor with its grain is beautiful, lukewarm profit is easy, accept the favour of consumer fully, and be in those who pay attention to healthy household life today, the nature of problem of environmental protection sex of wooden floor became the issue that everybody pays close attention to. So how of ability utmost fall the formaldehyde in the home to lowest? Europe sendfloor to teach your wood floor how to without formaldehyde today.
    1, purifier disappear division
    At present the air purifier cent on the market is anion model, oz1, filter adsorption, electrostatic collect shapes and smooth accelerant. Different air purifier has different working principle, like anion model pass generation anion namely, decompose the peculiar smell in air and adherent soot, achieve thereby purify indoor airy purpose. Although purifier is absorbing formaldehyde respect to have certain effect, but air purifier uses talent in the space that close only commonly effective, and although oz1 machine has effect of sterilization, disinfection, but oz1 is harmful to human body also be the final conclusion on medicine
    2, the plant absorbs law  
    The plant such as cactus, bracketplant, bulrush, ivy, sago cycas, chrysanthemum has extremely strong absorption the ability of formaldehyde, and among them big face of blade and herb kind the effect that the plant absorbs formaldehyde is better, be like bracketplant, tiger end orchid. But this does not meavegetable the formaldehyde in completely can cleared air, the plant is in to the absorption of formaldehyde wholcan rise only in purifying airy process additional action, face the harmful gas that decorates an end to send out thick and fast period, their faint absorption, cause itself deatpossibly even
    3,law of activated carbon adsorption
    Solid activated carbon has the characteristic with much hole, have very strong adsorption and catabolism to the harmful material such as formaldehyde, the grain of activated carbon jumps over little adsorptive effect to had been jumped over. Activated carbon is apparent to the sorption of formaldehyde, but differ according to dimensional size, the amount that sets activated carbon also differs somewhat. Additional, activated carbon adsorption undertakes changing to the need after certain level. Although the effect of activated carbon is pretty good, but with other method, can not keep clear of completely the formaldehyde in air. 4of formaldehyde of ventilated law purify
    Pass indoor airy current, can reduce the content of harmful material in indoor air, reduce the harm of this kind of material to human body thereby, this should a kind of the cheapest and the most effective method. But in the winter people often lock door window, air of room inside and outside cannot current, can make the content of the formaldehyde in indoor air increases, often also should opewindow in winter so ventilated.
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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation How the choose and buy high grade bamboo floor .

    Bamboo floor advantage: Wintry warm summer is cool, bamboo because coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, oneself does not give birth to cool exothermic. Special agree with shop outfit is in sitting room, bedroom, gym, study, act sow face of and other places of hotel of hall, hotel and wall adornment; Quality of a material is solid wear-resisting, colour and lustre is downy beautiful beautiful, price of sex bamboo wood grain , Zhu Xiangyi's person is compared tall, the price is however between compound floor and real wood floor, the result is very natural, safeguard simpler also.
    Bamboo floor inferior position: Stability is insufficient, bamboo floor contracts and expand should compare real wood floor small; The effect that suffers insolation and moisture appears easily statified phenomenon; The bamboo floor with a few undeserved processing grows a harmful person easily, affected the service life; of the floor
    Bamboo floor is it is material with natural bamboo, the plank of environmental protection sex that be machined through advanced process and becomes. When picking bamboo floor capable person, we can know its talent qualitative level first, reside the home to decorate actual condition to undertake aptly buying according to oneself again.
    Standard of bamboo floor choose and buy 1: The common measure of bamboo floor
    The bamboo floor on the market, norms dimension all slants long. Dimension of bamboo floor convention basically has 15*90*909mm, 15*96*960mm, 15*96*1850mm/1920mm, 15*190*1900mm these a few kinds of norms. Choose and buy when the bamboo floor that cannot go after big norms, large size blindly, generally speaking, floor dimension Yue Xiaokang is out of shape ability has been jumped over.
    Standard of bamboo floor choose and buy 2: The moisture content of bamboo floor
    Moisture content affects the service life of bamboo floor, general floor board should control moisture content in 8% less than. But differ as a result of humidity as a result of each district, standard of moisture content of floor of bamboo of choose and buy also has certain difference, must notice moisture content is right local adaptability. There are a lot of bamboo floor boards without processing and manufacture in a rough way on the market at present, suffer effect of damp, humidity extremely easily, the floor after installing period of time is nigrescent, lose burnish, systole to be out of shape, should differentiate seriously when the choose and buy.
    Standard of bamboo floor choose and buy 3: The wear-resisting of bamboo floor is spent
    Revolution of bamboo floor wear-resisting is achieved 550 turn to be tasted for qualification. The Tu Bu that the main factor that decides wear-resisting revolution discretion is wear-resisting priming paint is measured. Here is paint film grinds the revolution that wear, and of level of real wood floor is wooden floor grinds whole fact wear revolution, and outclass of bamboo floor density is major real wood floor. Mostly although go up at can be being amounted to not as good as,the wear-resisting of bamboo floor is spent the 1000 aggrandizement wood floors that turn, but still floor of excel real wood.
    Standard of bamboo floor choose and buy 4: The formaldehyde of bamboo floor releases a quantity
    Like wooden floor, choose and buy bamboo floor The most important see its formaldehyde release a quantity index is eligible. The formaldehyde of product of form of national level E1 releases set limit to to be less than 1.5mg/L, it is an index that before we are bought, must understand.
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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation Choose and buy moistureproof real wood floor .

    Because lumber drying shrinkage heats up distensible character, we are when floor of ground of wood of choose and buy, get the moisture content that considers a floor above all. Divide this, face of lacquer of the exterior of the tongue-and-groove precision of wooden floor, base material, floor needs to be in Choose and buy of real wood floor Want to notice when, choose a method specificly following place show: 1, the moisture content that measures a floor
    National level stipulates the moisture content of wooden floor is 8%-13% . In fact our country region is vast, different area moisture content asks to all differ. In moisture content of floor board of our country northern district 12% , moisture content of southern region floor board also should be controlled in 14% less than. The agency of general wood floor is due moisture content determines appearance, if not have,show pair of moisture content this index ignored. The wooden floor moisture content of the make choice of in the exhibition hall is measured first when buying, measure again next did not leave pack plant with material, the moisture content of the wooden floor that is the same as norms, if differ in ±2% , can think eligible.
    2, the precision of observation wood floor
    After wooden floor opens box desirable give 10 or so bare-handed go all out outfit, observe tongue-and-groove bites a mouth, spell outfit clearance, differ highly between adjacent board.
    3, the blemish that examines base material
    Check whether same tree to plant first, confused, whether does the floor have dead section, lively part, craze, decayed, bacterium to change wait for blemish. As to the chromatism of the floor, because wooden floor is natural wood, go up objectively existence chromatism and inhomogenous phenomenon, this cannot avoid. And the sense that floor of laid real wood feels recursive nature, depending on its natural design and color, decorative pattern, if go after a floor overly not to have off color, it is unreasonable, when wanting to be installed in the shop only, adjust slightly can.
    4, choose quality of board face, lacquer face
    The key when the choose and buy watchs paint film bright and clean degree, without bleb, leakage lacquer and wear-resisting are spent.
    5, identify wooden floor material to plant
    At present the tree on the market is planted the name is very confused, as a result of the growth of lumber the environment differs, accordingly, because of,the material that identical tree plants pledges producing area somewhat difference, raw material price is different also, but the material that is not an entrance compares a country character advocate material has pledged, our country tree is planted various, resourceful, the tree of a lot of areas is planted already good, the price also pledges than the material of congener entrance low. Some manufacturer are stimulative sale, lumber coronal with sundry the good name that does not accord with lumber to learn, be like: The name; such as the pride of China of cherry wood, beautiful pear wood, priceless, jade has more very person, with cheap fill high-grade lumber, consumer scarcely should be name place be puzzled, make clear material is qualitative, lest be duped.
    Buy Wooden floor When, had better go brand credit is good, beautiful praise spend high company to buy, have besides quality outside assuring, it is certain to have to the product normally guarantee period, every is in guarantee period inside the warp that happen, be out of shape, weather-shack wait for a problem, manufacturer is in charge of repairing, change, can discharge the trouble back at home of consumer.
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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation popular solid wood floor to maintain ways .

    Solid wood joins a floor board Be become by the plank crisscross lamination that different tree plants, overcame real wood floor the defect of one-way same sex, drying shrinkage is wet bilge rate is minor, have better dimension stability, the natural Mu Wen that withheld real wood floor and comfortable foot feel. Solid wood adds up to a floor to hold the beautiful sex of the stability that has aggrandizement floor board and real wood floor concurrently, and have environmental protection advantage, the solid wood that contains a lot of good point of course joins a floor board also is to need us to come attentive those who caress, say for everybody solid wood adds up to a floor to maintain below a few what the respect needs to notice:
    Lin Chang floor 365 services go 10 thousand lis solid wood adds up to a floor to maintain popular science piece
    1, maintain real wood compound floor is dry, clean, the mop that does not allow to use a water pulls a floor board or brush the ground with buck, suds, lest if the air in the home is dry,destroy the burnish; of paint surface, pull cloth but a few wetter or a water is put on central heating or add with humidifier wet. Solid wood adds up to a floor to avoid sunshine to insolate as far as possible, lest the surface paints,ageing, craze shifts to an earlier date for a long time below the illuminate in ultraviolet ray.
    2, real wood is compound the floor board is local board face is infected with smear to should keep clear of in time carelessly, if have smeary, usable dishcloth dips in a few washing powder swab Wen Shuizhan, if medicaments or dye, must be in besmirch did not try to keep clear of before infiltration woodiness surface layer. Solid wood adds up to a floor to avoid to be contacted for long with water as far as possible, cannot contact with hot water especially, accordingly, once hot water is scattered on the floor, want to be wiped in time.
    3, real wood is compound the floor is best every 3 months hit candle, before waxing, want to clear the besmirch of floor surface clean. Do not hit actually also but, but often wax, what can maintain solid wood to join a floor board is bright and clean degree, prolong the service life of the floor. Avoid area of acerb implements cut, do not close to butt is thrown on the floor or set too very hot thing directly in solid wood, avoid to procrastinate as far as possible move heavy furniture.
    4, after floor store has been installed, should be in 2 enter inside week. Do not stay in person or the room that often do not live for long, a few water should be put inside the room and hold water amount, or use increase wet chance, plum rains season should strengthen the moisture; south that open and evaporates in order to make up for because of indoor central heating condition of core of ventilated; room does not want too dry, also do not want too damp, in case the weather-shack, systole of wooden floor or expand be out of shape.
    Lin Chang floor 365 services go 10 thousand lis solid wood adds up to a floor to maintain popular science piece
    If the humidity outdoor is more than indoor humidity, can confinement door window, maintain indoor and inferior humidity, if the humidity outdoor is less than indoor humidity, can open door window in order to reduce indoor humidity. Encounter damp and sultry weather, can open air conditioning or fanner. Autumn, winter festival is increase indoor air humidity, can use add wet machine to make indoor air humidity maintains in 50%-70% .
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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation New Wood Plastic Flooring - New Choice for Home Renovation.

    Wood-plastic flooring is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in the production of high-density fiber in the process of the resulting xylenol, adding recycled plastic through the granulation equipment made of wood-plastic composite materials, and then extrusion production group Made of wood flooring.
    Wood plastic outdoor flooring main material for the PE and wood flour or bamboo powder, after adding additives, high-speed mixing, the granulation, and then use the extruder to tell the material extrusion molding, such flooring can be used for landscape, villa Such as outdoor platform.
    (1) waterproof, moisture. Fundamentally solve the wood products on the wet and multi-water environment, moisture absorption after the moisture, swelling and deformation of the problem, you can use the traditional wood products can not be used in the environment. (2) pest control, anti-termite, effectively prevent insects harassment, to extend the service life. (3) Variety of colors to choose from. Both with natural wood texture and wood texture, but also according to their own personality to customize the required color (4) plasticity, can be very simple to achieve personalized modeling, fully embodies the personality style. (5) high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, recyclable. Products do not contain benzene, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO-class standards for the European environmental standards, recyclable use of wood savings, suitable for sustainable development of national policy, the benefit of the community. (6) high fire resistance. Can effectively flame retardant, fire rating to B1 level, case of fire self-extinguishing, does not produce any toxic gases. (7) can be machinable, can be set, can be shaved, can be saw, drillable, the surface can be painted. (8) easy to install, easy construction, do not need complicated construction technology, saving installation time and cost. (9) no crack, no expansion, no deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, save the latter part of the maintenance and repair costs. (10) sound-absorbing effect is good, energy-saving, so that indoor energy up to 30% or more.
    (2) Shanghai seven real wood outdoor flooring equipment to fill the gaps, wood plastic outdoor flooring equipment to wood edge materials, crop stalks and other raw materials, to achieve a "wood plastic on behalf of the wood" to protect the limited forest resources, reducing the " White pollution ", wood plastic outdoor flooring equipment is a national key to promote the project. Wood plastic outdoor flooring equipment produced by a strong sense of wood, waterproof anti-corrosion, anti-moth and other characteristics, and the product does not contain any formaldehyde and other harmful components, safety and environmental protection, for you to create a healthy environment. Also has excellent anti-aging properties, in the long sun and rain conditions, can do not fade, no deformation.
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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation What kind of material is good beach chair?.

    Beach chairs are also known as beach chairs, which are provided with support legs at the four corners of the preset shape of the cushion, characterized in that the three ends of the seat cushion extend upwardly with a connecting post and on the rear side And the armrest provided on both sides of the back of the seat is connected with the connecting post on both sides of the cushion, whereby the beach chair is formed with a structure having two multipurpose faces, More comfortable, and the center of gravity is more stable.
    Leisure beach chair fine selection of steel wire, steel mesh, steel pipe and steel raw materials through the phosphate layer treatment, the surface of high-gloss outdoor weathering polyester powder, the furnace baking treatment. Leisure beach chair rust, UV, impact Spraying layer is more resistant to acid, alkali corrosion, easy to clean; leisure beach chair imported camphor wood, surface sunflower oil and palm mixed deep into the wood surface, so that the wood surface to achieve unexpected moisture and effect. At the same time, the service life of wood is prolonged. Leisure beach chair imported plastic, the surface of anti-ultraviolet, anti-static and anti-bleaching (safety, environmental protection and easy aging) leisure beach chairs bright, easy to change color. Leisure beach chair Features: no paint taste, outdoor storage time is long, smooth and good performance; with stain resistance, water resistance, color protection and good color performance, anti-cracking; leisure beach chair with durability, high hiding power , Lasting color, easy to fall off, dust self-cleaning, non-toxic environmental protection and other advantages, leisure beach chairs imported high-strength raw materials, product strength, strong endurance, long service life. Leisure beach chair color is generally white, the middle hole can be inserted sun umbrella, removable and convenient transportation, easy installation.
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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation New green building materials - wood plastic.

    Wood plastic is a new type of green building materials, because the product itself has excellent anti-corrosion, anti-moth, waterproof and physical and mechanical properties and can be nailed, saw the secondary processing performance, coupled with the basic production of raw materials can be used Of the waste plastics and crop residues, the product price is relatively low, so many countries have invested a greater effort to develop.
    The use of wood-plastic products is widely used in China, mainly used in the construction of the doors and windows, templates, flooring, ceiling and roof panels, packaging areas of the transport pad and tray, the transport field of railroads and highway noise baffle.
    National wood shortage, wood-plastic products is an ideal alternative to wooden pillow material. Wood-plastic products have higher corrosion resistance and impact resistance than wood, thus further reducing the cost of wood-plastic products, as the railway sleeper will have a broad market prospects.
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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation Modern style is outdoor furniture.

    Spring is not only in the park on the outskirts of the park, you can also be the vitality of the introduction of courtyard home, bright and bright colors and full of spring side of the city, the mood also light up.
    It is necessary to enjoy the scenery, comfortable and beautiful outdoor furniture is essential, and the courtyard scenery complement each other, seductive design Itself is a touch of scenery.
    Fashion design industry trend, indoor furniture design wind will also be blown outdoors, in color and pattern patterns will be followed, but since the outdoor, design and color, but also self-contained.
    Modern style is the main trend of outdoor furniture design, Chinese customers in the outdoor furniture products also prefer the more modern simple design, simple lines of monochrome furniture, with each other have a good visual effect. "For the city house or apartment building tenants, several bright outdoor furniture, a single product to make your balcony easily turned between the reinforced concrete between the initiation of a trace of slow pace of the atmosphere. If the backyard space is large, you can be divided into the overall layout of the dining area and rest area, using a large umbrella or arbor to create a fearless sunny or rainy place. "Although the outdoor furniture supplies are no fear of wind and rain, but keep dry will undoubtedly make use more comfortable. In addition, the need to promptly clean up the furniture scattered food and spilled drinks, or easy to swell in the rain when the material into the interior, affecting the aesthetic also cause future inconvenience.
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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation How are the scratches on the floor? How would you remedy.

    Floor scratches repair method one: brush the floor of essential oils
    If the solid wood flooring above is a relatively shallow scratches suggest that the use of floor oil to deal with the floor with essential oils can protect the floor layer, so that a slight scratch will not deepen the color change.
    Floor scratches repair method two: polished wax
    If the solid wood flooring surface of the paint film is not bad, just a little scratch marks, you can clean the floor after polishing with polished wax directly. Polishing wax is mainly to protect the floor of the luster, so that the surface of solid wood flooring becomes smooth, so that will not scratch the place for deeper damage.
    Floor scratches repair method three: paint
    If the solid wood flooring scratches more serious place, the floor paint damaged or exposed white, can be used No. 400 water sandpaper dipped in soapy water polished and wiped clean, to be dry after the local complement color, color dry and then painted a paint, dry 24 hours later , With 400 water sandpaper polished, and then rub the floor wax for polishing.
    Floor scratches repair method four: Please professional maintenance personnel
    If the solid wood flooring scratches more serious large area, then the proposed staff of the maintenance staff to carry out solid wood flooring renovation or replacement. Solid wood flooring in the course of the process will certainly be scratched, the key to see how we maintain, well maintained, slightly scratch does not matter, if the big scratches, he is also very mind, then looking for professionals to maintain good.
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    Q qizhen111 started the conversation How to maintain of solid wood floor skill! .

    Solid Wooden floor the market in last few years hotter and hotter, solid wood floor has nature of free from contamination, decorative pattern, elegance to answer heavy, rich qualitative sensibility, flexibility is true wait for an advantage, it is the first selection material of laid of the floor in domestic decorate, so how to maintain solid wood floor? Follow below will see solid wood floor maintain skill.

    1, the clog is put

    In the home if have for example the heavy-duty object such as piano or the furniture that have acerb part, need matting bolster plate, cannot put directly in wooden floor surface, of the clog put what should be centered in the house at the same time, let motion of across floor freedom won't have wriggle through the earth.

    2, waterproof

    If do not take care to be aspersed on solid wood floor,leaked water, even if of a few, also want to use delicate dishcloth in time to be wiped clean, keep dry, lest drive burnish, cause warp, craze and mildew and rot even.

    3, fire prevention
    The stub that did not go out and match lever, cannot lose at will go up, rice cooker of electric stove, report, electric iron, electric iron, in did not place good prevent light, before preventing layer of very hot mat, cannot place at will above, otherwise floor of easy and burnable wood.

    4, prevent bilge

    What notice to retain a floor board at ordinary times is clean with cleanness, suck dirt and young broken other people via commonly used cleaner, especially strong record grain, beautiful board is blown easily when ambulate.

    5, prevent damage

    Do not wear the shoe that contains a hammer to walk to solid wood floor, a few coarse, ponderosity and hardness compare tall article, cannot put on solid wood floor directly, delimit in case brush.
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