What kind of material is good beach chair?

  1. 6 months ago

    Beach chairs are also known as beach chairs, which are provided with support legs at the four corners of the preset shape of the cushion, characterized in that the three ends of the seat cushion extend upwardly with a connecting post and on the rear side And the armrest provided on both sides of the back of the seat is connected with the connecting post on both sides of the cushion, whereby the beach chair is formed with a structure having two multipurpose faces, More comfortable, and the center of gravity is more stable.
    Leisure beach chair fine selection of steel wire, steel mesh, steel pipe and steel raw materials through the phosphate layer treatment, the surface of high-gloss outdoor weathering polyester powder, the furnace baking treatment. Leisure beach chair rust, UV, impact Spraying layer is more resistant to acid, alkali corrosion, easy to clean; leisure beach chair imported camphor wood, surface sunflower oil and palm mixed deep into the wood surface, so that the wood surface to achieve unexpected moisture and effect. At the same time, the service life of wood is prolonged. Leisure beach chair imported plastic, the surface of anti-ultraviolet, anti-static and anti-bleaching (safety, environmental protection and easy aging) leisure beach chairs bright, easy to change color. Leisure beach chair Features: no paint taste, outdoor storage time is long, smooth and good performance; with stain resistance, water resistance, color protection and good color performance, anti-cracking; leisure beach chair with durability, high hiding power , Lasting color, easy to fall off, dust self-cleaning, non-toxic environmental protection and other advantages, leisure beach chairs imported high-strength raw materials, product strength, strong endurance, long service life. Leisure beach chair color is generally white, the middle hole can be inserted sun umbrella, removable and convenient transportation, easy installation.
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