The swordmage uses divine powers to control

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    The swordmage uses divine powers to control the elements of fire, thunder, and ice. Its attacks are vibrant and affect many enemies over large buy revelation online gold areas. There are three stances that change skills to the corresponding elements. Fire skills deal great immediate damage. Thunder skills do even greater damage over time, but are not as effective as fire against mobile enemies. Ice skills have slow and freeze properties. Like the gunslinger, it suffers from low physical defense, but it has lots of mobility and survival skills making it one of Nuanor’s best escape artists.


    The occultist can be a hidden gem in a party composition because of its ability to switch between attacking and healing. There is not much variety in its attacks, but its versatility with attacking and healing makes it a jack of all trades. It is well known for its supportive capabilities, notably the buffs that increase its allies’ attacks and defenses, as well as its cures and protective magic barriers. It is often a very valuable asset in PVE and has good survivability in PVP revelation online gythil . The occultist’s versatility comes with a price since under most circumstances, it cannot take on the role of main healer and its damage pales in comparison to other DPS classes.


    The spiritshaper uses nature’s plant spirits to heal and uses spirit beasts to deal damage. Its repertoire of skills focuses on massive healing for both wide areas and for single targets, as well as buffing and curing teammates. Its heals are irreplaceable making it an essential player in almost all parties and raids. This class can also turn into a fox beast to escape dire situations. Spiritshaper has one of the highest survivability and magic defense in the cheap revelation online gythil game. While this class is crucial in almost every scenario, it relies heavily on its teammates since its damage output is low. BY here now..... come to playerhot for more revelation game gold cheap !


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