Wooden floor conserve should work more brush

  1. 7 months ago

    Have qualitative feeling wooden floor Now more and more get of the citizen love, many family outfit like to use it. But, compare with ceramic tile photograph, wooden floor should notice conserve more, especially should multi-purpose dry cloth is wiped.
    As northern city, suffer dirt to be affected more, wooden floor often should remove dust. Broom, dishcloth, cleaner, can have the effect of cleared dirt. If use dishcloth, mop to remove dust, ten million attention is pigheaded after working, wipe, open a window after wipe seasonable air floor. Because cross wet dishcloth, mop, the meeting when using has water infiltration juncture to be in, harm a floor, cause floor cock to be out of shape.
    Additional, the floor after the shop is installed should reduce the sun to be basked in continuously as far as possible, lest paint,illuminate of classics ultraviolet ray shifts to an earlier date more too weather-shack with ageing. If do not live for a long time,lay good floor, need to often open a window ventilated, avoid by all means uses plastic cloth or newspaper shell. Do not throw the kindling conveniently such as butt or match on the floor, lest scorch floor surface. Avoid sharp, acerb article to delimit flower and serious article are long weigh. When walking on the floor, wear cloth loafer as far as possible, affix soft bottom to defend to of furniture foot mat, lest be opposite,the floor causes loss.
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