Wood - plastic panels and wood - plastic profiles

  1. 7 months ago

    Wood-plastic panels generally refers to the building template, and it is a kind of energy-saving and green products, is the wood template, the combination of steel formwork, bamboo glued template, all the steel template after a new generation of products, Other materials, wood-plastic template, turnover times can reach more than 30 times, but also recycling. Temperature to adapt to a large range of specifications adaptability, can be saw, drill, easy to use. Temporal surface of the template, smoothness than the existing technical requirements of the water concrete template, a flame retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-water and anti-chemical corrosion function, have better mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties. Can meet a variety of cuboid, cube, L-shaped, U-shaped building support model requirements.
    Wooden profile is based on the design for outdoor flooring, railings, corridors, pavilions, flower boxes, etc., and a lot of wood-plastic profiles, such as Shangyu City Yongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. wood plastic profiles have more than 100 kinds , Including hollow, solid, M plate type, square, wall panels and so on. The company's plastic wood profile is a recipe, produced by the profile of high density, clean and beautiful, long life, recyclable recycling, but also biodegradable.
    So summed up above, wood-plastic board with wood-plastic profiles, although the same as wood, but its use is completely different, when we buy their own must understand what they need is.
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